Reflections and Connections: A Recap of the 4th Coordination Round in São Paulo


Saturday, April 13th, 2024, São Paulo hosted a memorable gathering for the audiovisual industry: the 4th Coordination Round, held at Espaço 483 and promoted by the renowned casting producer, Veridiana Toledo.

This event, which has become a reference point for major audio producers, advertising agencies, and voiceover artists, brought together a constellation of talents and creative minds in an environment of exchange and learning.

Among the illustrious participants were Diego Guimarães from S de Samba Produtora Musical, Letícia Nunes from Jamute, Luísa Paiva from TENTÁCULO AUDIO, and Kika Forjaz from A-Gandaia. In a relaxed atmosphere, these renowned producers shared their daily experiences and challenges in coordinating projects, from dealing with tight deadlines to finding the perfect voiceover artist for an advertising campaign.

The attending voiceover artists had the unique opportunity to clarify doubts and receive valuable insights on how to submit their materials more effectively, as well as learn about the importance of cultivating solid professional relationships with producers. It was a moment of growth and networking, where meaningful connections were established and knowledge was shared.

In addition to the rich discussions and learnings, the 4th Coordination Round also provided moments of relaxation and integration, with a delightful coffee break and live music. The presence of prominent figures from the industry, such as Carô Carvalho, Rafael Silvestrini, among others, added even more prestige and inspiration to the event.

As a voice actor and project manager, I cannot help but commend Veridiana Toledo’s initiative in creating such a conducive space for unity and collaboration among industry professionals. In a field often characterized by solitude, where we spend most of our time inside studios, events like these are essential for strengthening bonds, sharing knowledge, and driving collective growth.

May the 4th Coordination Round in São Paulo be just the beginning of a continuous journey of learning, collaboration, and success for all involved. I look forward to seeing the seeds planted at this meeting flourish in future projects and innovative partnerships.