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Transforming Your Corporate Content into Unique Experiences for the Brazilian Audience

At Dazzini Studio, we don’t just dub words; we shape engaging narratives. If you seek an authentic connection with the Brazilian audience, we offer dubbing and voiceover solutions that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers, transforming your corporate content be it internal training and procedures, team and department meetings, or institutional videos into a unique experience.

Credibility, respect, confidentiality, and security are core values in our projects. Additionally, we possess the sensitivity required to highlight these principles in an authentic and humane connection with our audience.

A common mistake is choosing a voice solely for its distinctive tone, especially if the client lacks proficiency in the desired language, without considering whether that voice actor has the experience and know-how to interpret a project according to its specialty. This often results in amateur interpretations, low-quality audio, and a final outcome that fails to impact the audience.

Dazzini Studio takes care of every step of this process, handpicking each professional and directing every nuance of the chosen artist’s performance. Because a project is much more than recording a voice; it’s about seamlessly connecting with the viewer.

The Importance of Each Stage

Human Experience

Imagine a corporate training that not only communicates information but also creates an emotional bond with your employees. We understand that human authenticity is irreplicable, which is why each project is carefully coordinated to provide a unique experience.

Careful Selection of Translators

Consider a regulatory compliance video: the right choice of words is crucial. Our specialized translators not only translate but interpret the purpose, ensuring that your message is understood in the specific cultural nuances of Brazil.

Excellence in Casting Direction

In a corporate video, the voice representing your company makes all the difference. Our casting direction team chooses voices that not only communicate but also emotionally connect, resonating deeply with your target audience.

The Process

The Process



Imagine you have a corporate training video on business ethics. We choose translators with expertise in the corporate field, ensuring that the translation not only conveys the words but also the core values of your company.


the Right Voices

In a corporate video, the right voice can define the brand’s perception. Our casting director selects voices that not only match the desired tone but also resonate with the target audience, creating an immediate emotional connection.



Clarity in communication is vital. During the recording process, our quality control team, consisting of reviewers and audio engineers, ensures that each word is articulated with precision, guaranteeing full understanding and information retention.



After recording, our review team conducts a detailed analysis to ensure that every word, intonation, and pause contributes to the narrative. Our audio engineers, true craftsmen, refine the sound to create an auditory experience that transcends expectations. We work with great care to eliminate unwanted noises, equalize, manage sound ambiance, and mix,
ensuring a quality worthy of a cinematic production.

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At Dazzini Studio, we don’t just deliver translations; we sculpt stories. Transform your corporate content into more than just communication. Make it an unforgettable experience for your Brazilian audience.

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Follow Your Project Anywhere

At Dazzini Studio, we have the most advanced tools on the market so that your project can be produced and monitored remotely. We use Source Connect and Source Nexus, allowing audio capture in high quality anywhere in the world and in real-time. With our solutions, the client monitors every stage of the process without the need to travel.